Frequently Asked Questions

“Temptat” (temp·tat; /ˈtɛmptaˈt/): noun; a temporary tattoo that is made to fade.
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How to Use

Applying our temptats is so easy, even politicians can do it.

Here's an easy how-to video: 

You will need:

  • Your skin
  • Your temptat
  • A wet napkin or wet towel
  • The ability to not move for 2 minutes

Just remember the 3 P’s:

  1. PEEL: Remove the thin plastic cover from the temptat sheet by gently peeling it away from one of the corners.
  2. PLACE: Place the temptat face-down on the area where you want to apply it. The design on the temptat should be in contact with your skin. Make sure the area is dry and clean before placing the temptat on it.
    Keep the sheet flat on your skin. For example, if you are applying an arm sleeve, you should wrap the sheet firmly around your arm.
  3. PAT (with water): Use a wet napkin or wet towel to pat and dab the back side of the temptat (the side which does not have a design on it). Do not apply running water directly to the temptat, such as by placing it under the sink. Do not move during the patting phase.

From there, just remove the sheet. We recommend that you let it dry up for a few minutes (five minutes is more than enough) by staying still and not exposing it to any oils or liquids.

That’s all there is to it! The water will transfer your design onto your beautiful body. Now go socialize, hit the gym, show off your design, or embrace your body art in solitude. Don’t forget to look good, feel good.

Although placing the temptat on an area with hair is not a crime, we recommend you shave, just as you would with an ordinary tattoo. This will greatly increase how long and how well the temptat lasts.

Just 1 minute during patting, and 5 minutes (at most) afterwards for best results. We’re staying on the safe side. For small temptats that are placed on a flat area, 1 minute of staying still after patting is enough.

PRO Tip: Use Lotion

You might notice that the temptat has a shine to it. This is normal; the shine will be offset by the glow of the thick dark (or colored) ink which will make the temptat look like a freshly-inked normal tattoo. In other words: the shine is not very noticeable.

However, you can apply any sort of water-based lotion to it (after it’s dried up). This will make it look more realistic and will also make it last longer and better.

Pro Tip: Use Scissors

Maybe you want part of a design but not the whole thing, or maybe you want to get creative by splitting a single design across several parts of your body. You are completely free to do that. Some of our designs are even made to be cut and rearranged.

Simply use scissors to cut out the area of the temptat which you want, and follow the 3 P’s as usual. Make sure to preserve the plastic cover over the remaining part of the temptat – you may want to apply it later. 

How to Remove

So your girlfriend forced you to meet her parents, but your arm is covered with profane images of death and prostitutes. You have a choice to make: either meet her dad who’ll spend a solid 10 minutes asking you uncomfortable questions while he regrets his parenting decisions, or you remove the temptat and retain the ability to bring her back to her house after 10 pm. If you’ve picked the latter, we’ve got you covered.

What to Do:

  1. Apply any of the following products to the inked area: baby oil, olive oil, nail polish remover, makeup remover, rubbing alcohol.
  2. Allow whichever product you chose to sit on the inked area for a minute.
  3. Gently rub off the temptat with a towel and water. An exfoliating towel would be a great option.
  4. Repeat the above 3 steps as necessary.

What NOT to Do:

  • DO NOT use soap and water alone. That won’t get you far.
  • DO NOT recklessly rub your skin. For the love of God, please do not rub away at the inked area like you’re expecting to find treasure under your skin.

PRO Tip: Use Tape

You can use normal sticky tape to remove your temptat. Just apply the tape firmly over the tattoo, and peel it off. Please note: This works best for small designs (hands and fingers – NOT half sleeves or larger) and for designs that have been applied for less than 24 hours. If you have a big temptat that’s been on for 2 days or more, you are much better off sticking with the above instructions.

PRO Tip: Use Clothes

Although our temptats are indeed made to fade, they’re also made to remain intact for at least 3-5 days. If you are in a hurry, a good option would be to simply cover it up with clothes until you find the time to remove it. This makes experimenting with temptats during winter, when you’re already wearing lots of clothing, very convenient.

About The Product

Your temptat will stay in great condition for around 5-7 days. In some cases, it remains intact for even longer.

Many factors affect how long and how well the temptat lasts:

  • How are you treating it? Do not rub the inked area too hard while showering.
  • Where did you place it? Although putting it on your car, cat, or baby cousin all sound like good ideas, we recommend putting it on your skin. Remember, and this is important: it will last longer and better when placed on flat areas like forearms or thighs than on joints like elbows and knees, because those joints move a lot and create skin-on-skin contact.
  • Your own skin: did you put the temptat over a hair or smooth area of your skin? We recommend shaving the area before applying the temptat.

See for yourself. Here's a demo: 

Even your friend who’s really into tattoos will not be able to tell the difference. Our designs are not made to be hidden. They look great in dark settings, but they also look perfectly fine out in the sun.

Yes. Feel free to shower or go for a swim – water and soap will have absolutely no effect on how long or how well the temptat lasts. Just don’t rub it too hard in the shower.

Safety Assurance

If one thing about our business is not made to fade, it’s our promise to deliver quality.

We are usually cool-headed, but not when it comes to safety. The products we display and sell are the same ones we give to our friends and families, and they’re the same products we use.

Our products are generally more expensive than other substitutes in the market by a slight margin, and this is precisely because of how serious we are about safety.

The materials used in manufacturing as well as the finished products have passed stringent European and American standards, such as CE, ASTM, MSDS, EN71, CPC, 7P, TRA, ROHS, SVHC. Each tattoo sheet is inspected individually by a professional member of the production team, and our manufacturing processes have been independently audited by the SGS Group.

We take great pride in offering our products to people who would have otherwise been denied body art, such as little children, pregnant women, blood donors, amputees, or individuals with various medical conditions.