About Us

When I was in law school, I wanted to become a judge. I found out that people with tattoos, for some unholy reason, are usually not allowed to join the judiciary. That’s when I started looking into temporary tattoos (“temptats”), and that’s how Made to Fade came to be.

~Nader (pronounced like "ladder", not like the villain from Star Wars)

  • An Eye Grabber

    We put extensive effort into ensuring that our temptats look stylish. We’d rather go broke than sell lame

  • Hassle-Free

    Here’s what you need to apply our temptats: skin, some water, and minutes of holding still. No needles and no pain involved.

  • Simple Testing

    Are you considering getting a normal tattoo? We have hundreds of different designs that you can test out before committing to anything permanent. Check if the shoe fits before buying – especially if it’ll never come off.

  • Bang For Your Buck

    Change up your style. Instead of getting new clothes, which is what you’ve been doing for the last few decades, update your whole look for a fraction of what it would cost to update your wardrobe.

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  • Look Good,Feel Good

    When you feel good, you do good. When you do good, the whole world gets a bit brighter. We really believe that.

  • Ease of Mind

    Maybe you want to become a judge, or a pastor, or a president, or the village shaman. Tattoos could affect your professional image. You should be able to try them out without worrying too much.

  • Minimal Regret

    Have you ever put money in a Lebanese bank? Did you exchange your dollars when the rate was at 6,800 LBP? Do you know anyone who got a matching tattoo with their significant other, only to later become their insignificant other? Regret’s a b*tch.

  • Happy Parents

    We care about your parents' happiness. That's why we present you the opportunity to try out a full sleeve tattoo of guns, skulls, and exotic dancers without bringing your mother to tears.

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  • Safety First

    We are usually cool-headed, but not when it comes to safety. The products we sell are the same ones we gift to our friends and family. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our products meet and exceed stringent international health standards such as the European Union’s CE and EN71, and the United States of America’s ASTM and CPC.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We envision temporary tattoos as a style, not a fad or fashion trend. We care about longevity and sustainability, which is why our green production operations comply with 7P, ROHS, and SVHC standards.

  • Giving Back

    You’ll notice that some of our products are tagged with a plus (+) sign. These products are part of our “Do Good” series. Half the proceeds from the sales of these products will be donated to charity, and our customers will receive notice and details accordingly.

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