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Remembering Bruce (+)

Remembering Bruce (+)

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14.8x21cm. Half sleeve.

This design is tagged with a plus sign (+), meaning it is part of our "Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good" series. Half the proceeds from this design will hence be donated to charity. Customers who buy it will receive details accordingly. When purchasing, feel free to send us a message recommending a charity you'd like to donate to.


Personal Note:

I started lifting towards the end of high school, and I was as thick as a stick. Back then, I couldn't drive, so I had to walk to the gym every day. Some winter evenings were too rainy, so I had to stay home and get creative with bodyweight exercises. I needed a lot of motivation to get me through a workout on my living room floor, and that's how I learned about Bruce Lee. I pushed and pulled and squatted while watching him play Ping-Pong with nunchucks, knock men down with a one-inch punch, and do pushups with two fingers.

Bruce was and is many things to many people. Maybe he was heeding his own advice: "be formless, be shapeless - like water". For me, he took on the form of a role model I look up to, not just in sports, but also in navigating my way through life. I hope you look up to legends like him as well.

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